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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I did finally get myself downstairs to repair my blue bird sun catcher. He is all fixed and back hanging in the window. And while I was down there of course I had to start working on a new piece. It is another small sun catcher of three hot air balloons. Going to be colorful. I still have to smooth out the copper foil then solder it and color the solder and wax it. Might or might not work on it today. I'm getting itchy to do something a littler bigger again. Need to find a pattern I like.....
We had company yesterday - twice. The lady who stayed in the house the first couple of years during the witner came by. She has got into mural painting in a big way. Like on the sides of buildings. http://www.facebook.com/bluechairart#!/BlueChairDesigns lots of pictures of the mural here. They sure picked a hot time to working outside on the side of a building.
The couple of showers we've had here have already made a difference to the plants. Everything is starting to "green up" again. Too late for a lot of trees though I'm afraid. Today it is back up to 97 again. Enough already. Though the weather report says rain tomorrow 60% chance and by Sunday only as high as mid 70s - Please! Please!

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