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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty Days and New Truck

Another beautiful day in Brown County. The weather has been perfect for almost a week now. Blue skies, puffy white clouds and in the high 70s.

But by the weekend it is supposed to be back in the low 90s. We even have been getting some sporadic rain –last night we were lucky to be in the 10% of the state to get a drenching. Flowers and grass are pretty happy now. For the first time in a long time we could smell newly mown grass while going into town. For two months no one had to cut their grass, it just didn’t grow. Smells so good.
The hummingbirds are here in droves? swarm? flocks? now. At least ten of them maybe more they move too fast to get an accurate count.
So many that I’ve had to start cooking for them. Cheaper than buying ready made nectar.
Had an interesting weekend. Lots of races and soccer games and company. All enjoyable. At one time was watching the Cup race and a soccer game at the same time. Quite a spectacular wreck Mark Martin had - sure glad he could walk away from it. The #18s day was not so good. Just never got the car right I guess. Didn’t do so good in the Canadian race either. This weekend Bristol! Did you know that RACECAR reads the same front yo back and back to front.
And this week there is a great soccer game on Thursday. A must see. Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Bill got his new (old 1998) truck. A Dodge Ram Sport 4 x 4. Now he is like a kid in a candy shop looking on the internet to find parts and pieces to “trick it out.”

Had to go down to the Winery and pick up some of his work there and take it over to the Gallery to replace some that were SOLD!!!!
Yes – he has actually had a pretty good month there. Exciting. The town is starting to get busy with tourists now that the weather is not so horribly hot.

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