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Saturday, August 4, 2012

TV, Trees and Travis

TCM – Turner Classic Movie channel is highlighting one Movie Star a day this month. First day was John Wayne. Gee he was young once – in his first movie he was blond! Yesterday it was Tarzan. Didn’t watch any of the movies but did watch a bio on Johnny Weissmuller (sp?) Very interesting especially about his Olympic career. Included information about Jane, Boy and Cheeta. Cheeta hated Maureen O’ Sullivan and at one time they had to keep him chained so he wouldn’t attack her. The next movie they used a different Cheeta.

In the a.m. yesterday we went to Bloomington – about 20 miles west of us – to pick up Bill’s new sunglasses. Driving through the countryside we can really see the damage the lack of rain and high temps has done. Brown fields that are usually bright green. So many trees that are full of brown leaves or almost completely without leaves already. Yesterday was another 96 degree day. Thought we were going to get some rain but the black clouds just missed us here on the hill. Stopped at a used book store and exchanged some paper backs. Really cuts down on the price of the ones we get when we take some with us to trade in. This is the first time we’ve remembered to take some. Did find a book there by J D MacDonald one of my favorite writers – He wrote – died quite a few years ago – the Travis Magee novels. Read one if you can find one.
Finally can wear shoes with out little foot finger bothering me.
Went to a meeting of the Art Alliance Thursday evening. Kind of interesting – speaker talked bout how to present yourself and your art in writing. Writing bios, describing your art and what influenced you and writing web pages etc. Been thinking about it and will probably make some changes to our web pages – one of these days. Made me remember a class I took in college when the professor had us write an essay but told us we could not use the word “the” any where in the essay. Interesting project.
Today is a race day. Qualifying for the Cup cars in the morning and a truck and a Nationwide race today. It’s better than watching all the political crap on TV.
Heard an interesting comment on TV last night – talking about new congressmen going to Washington. The comment was, “When you first get there it is a cesspool. But later it becomes a hot tub.” I guess ideals only last so long when “everybody else is doing it.” Also mentioned that Washington DC is one of the richest cities in population in the country now. Enough of that…..

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