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Friday, January 31, 2014

Las Labradas

The day finally caught up to the day I thought it was. For some reason I’ve thought the last two days were Friday. On track again.
It’s the end of the first month of this year already. So I just finished backing up my laptop to an external hard drive. If your computer isn’t set up to automatically back up your work I suggest you do it. Too often things can just go POOF!
To answer a question I get once in awhile – for those of you who followed Ms Tioga and George for years we just got an email from him and they are doing great. Enjoying Southern California weather. They took a short trip to Quartzite but are now back in So Cal. His health is great and he is enjoying keeping busy getting around on his electric bike.
So yesterday – We first had breakfast at Torres – I know AGAIN! Where we met John and Jackie then we drove north on 15D – the toll road – I emphasize Toll Road – back and forth cost $200 in tolls. About US$15. Any way we continued north to Km 51 – around 30 miles to the Retorno which allowed us to cross the highway to the turn off to Las Labradas. 
We’ve been here at least once a year for several years. The first time we tried to find it the turn off was not marked and we wandered all around the area in and out of small towns and dirt roads until we lucked upon it. Search that blog using the search box for that adventure. They also have a web site and a FaceBook page - facebook.com/LasLabradas  and Twitter  @LasLabradasZA if you want more info about it. 
The road leading into the site is still dirt but better marked now and the site itself has added a museum, rest area and bathrooms. And a charge, which is minimal. Going through the little town we stopped to check out these pigs. We are such “city” people.
On down the road and under the RR trestle – just beyond it you can barely make out a sign point out the correct turn and road. That is new.
About Petroglyphs - from information inside the new museum which I forgot to take a picture of. 
About the area: It is one of the most important primitive carving sites in northwest Mexico. There are more than 600 carvings on the volcanic rocks. Most of them made between 750 and 1250 AC.
John climbing out on the rocks looking for the carvings. 
Before we went out on the rocks we each bought a little booklet describing some of the carvings. I now wish I’d read it before heading out. As it tells where some of the most interesting carvings are located. (And I missed several of them.) I’ve post lots of pictures from here in the past. So will add just a few.

Bill walking along in a small patch of sand. This was definitely a wear tennis shoes adventure. Even they got slick with the water and sand.
A couple more carvings

Just a picture of the coast line and the rocks.
More pictures of carvings. The middle one looked like a foot to us but according to the book it is a pelican’s face.

John and I walked almost the entire length of rocks. My legs feel it today. We went early but even with the breeze from the ocean it got hot pretty quick so we headed home. Hot, worn out and happy. Me anyway.
Rested for the hot afternoon and then Bill and I went out to Fat Fish for dinner of Ribs.
His were hanging over his plate! As always good. Cost with 2 dinners (salad, ribs, baked potato, coleslaw, garlic bread) 2 cokes and tip – US$ 16.50.

This morning we are headed to Centro Historico for breakfast. 


  1. Thanks again for taking us along! Was a great morning.

  2. Thank you for the update on Tioga George...I hope he knows how much he is missed....so glad he is doing well.

  3. Sent an email a couple of days ago to your aol accounts. Love those rocks....very interesting. Keep the posts coming, love reading about all your adventures. Glad Bill's cold is better. Your COLD northern friends, Alan & Debbie