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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unexpected visitors yesterday.

Everyday we break the heat record with another day over 90…record has stood from the early 1900s. And everyday Bill reminds me that for some reason this year it is cooler in Mazatlan than here and they are getting rain.
We had a strange incident yesterday afternoon. A knock on the front door and when I answered it there was a couple standing there. “Is this the Art Studio?” the man asked. “Ummm, yes.” I answered. “Do you let people come in?” “Ummmm let me check with the artist,” was my less than stellar reply. Left them standing there at the door (crap! are they casing the place?) and found Bill (woke him up) and asked him if he wanted to conduct a tour. Things went uphill from there. “Of course, come right in.”

They were from Illinois here on vacation and driving around when they saw the sign out front and stopped. Very interesting and nice couple. So Bill gave them the tour of his area where he works and of the glass shop. The woman is very interested in stained glass – wants to learn how to do it. They spent about an hour visiting with us. But need to get my act together in case it happens again. And guess we should always have some projects partially done so we can show them how the “studio” works.
Today Bill goes down to our little town to put some of his wood spirits and masks up for display (hopefully sale) in the Chateau Thomas Winery. It is a very busy place lots of tourists go there to taste the wine. I'll go with him but maybe in slippers - "foot finger" is really sore today and brusing has gone into toe next to it.
We had chicken burgers for dinner last night – still not sure what I think of them. Should you put ketchup on them? I did. Will try them again but cook them a little different I think.
Watched one of my favorite programs last night – The Closer. Wish I hadn’t. The main characters mother died in her sleep and when they put the camera on her she looked so much like my mom did when we found her dead. ….I’m still a little unsettled this morning. And dreamed about my Mom last night.
While its still cool I need to get some more cleaning done.


  1. We watched it too and I cried. What did she have to tell Brenda?

  2. Hope you told the visitors where they would be able to see more of Bill's work this week. Word of mouth is good.