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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tree in the woods goes CRASH

7:30 in the evening. Just heard that our granddaughter is having contractions so guess I finished the baby afghan/knitted blanket just in time. The finished deal.
Knitted squares with fleece backing.
We picked up the money pit (Alfa) and brought it home again this morning. Everything we took it back for works fine – refrigerator is cold, batteries are staying charged, closet latch is fixed, hot water and stove and awning all working. So everything is okay right? Well nope. The satellite dish won’t go up. Refuses to move. CRAP – but glad we found out now. Will have someone come out and check it out and either fix or replace it. As I said Money Pit. Probably got damaged during the winter spent in the storage lot.
Does a tree make a noise when it falls in the woods? YES it sure does. The top of one of our trees broke off yesterday and came crashing down. 
The one just in from the right side of the photo. All that's left of it. Took the top of a couple of other trees with it. At least it didn’t fall in the street just next to it. 
One part of one of them got hung up in another tree.
No wind or anything just broke and fell down.
Still don't have the new water heater - it is in at the store but the plumber has to make time to pick it up and install it. Someday.....Also called people to fix the broken windows - they'll be here next week to measure them - then will have to come back to install them. WHAT??? Calling a Realtor tomorrow to see about selling the house. Maybe if the price is right.............
Not spending much time up here in the computer room – just gets way too hot up here. We are having a stretch of miserable weather 95+ with heat indices of over 100. It is more like swimming outside instead of walking. Supposed to rain and get cooler by Saturday though. Thank Goodness. 

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