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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nothing in trap this morning.

Caught another raccoon yesterday morning, this time it was a young one and was he ever nasty. So he got a real long ride far far away. Bill drove the Alfa to the RV doc and I followed in the little truck with the raccoon in the cage in the truck bed. So he is at least 40 miles from here.
This morning the cage is empty! No raccoons, no possums, no dogs, but a squirrel eyeing it. Maybe they’re all gone. Wouldn’t that be nice. Then we can clean up the back porch and enjoy it again. 
Back to the Alfa. We didn’t get everything put back in it (almost everything) but because the batteries wouldn’t charge we didn’t want to keep fooling with it. Sure hope they figure out what went wrong with the batteries and the refrigerator. This time we’ll check EVERYTHING before we pull out of the lot. Making a long list. 
We have had rain and quite cool weather for a week now, just in the mid 70s. And at least three more days of cool and rain in the forecast. In southern Brown County they got five inches of rain yesterday. Sure glad we live up on a hill. This time last year it was over 100 degrees out. This is much nicer for me at least.
So what is going on with the price of gasoline? A couple of weeks ago it was $4.25 a gallon and yesterday it was $3.35. Not that I’m complaining. Just wondering. Somehow it just doesn’t seem logical. Playing games are they?
My Nook book needs a new battery – can only read for about an hour on a charge. Should I get a new Nook or just a new battery? I don’t think the new ones have any new things I want on them. But my buttons for turning pages are starting to stick too…….Will that get worse or not? 

Stopped by the doctor’s office yesterday to ask them to renew one of Bill’s maintenance prescriptions and found out “You have to schedule an appointment to see the doctor to renew a prescription.” WHAT? – talk about a waste of time and money. Just fax the dang thing into the mail order place. They finally agreed to this time only! 
Please remember the firefighters and their families in Arizona. Makes all our little annoyances seem so trivial. 

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  1. Hi Carol,
    I just filled up MsTioga with gasoline today. 10.49 pesos/liter which I believe works out to $3.18/gallon.

    Price here goes up about 10 pesos/month.