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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perfect Weather

Today is a beautiful day. Blue sky, slight breeze, low humidity and only in the high 70s – my kind of weather.  And this evening is a NASCAR race – the trucks on dirt – can’t wait – should be really fun to watch.
Worked on the barn quilt again – only have one more color –blue - and the weather proofing to put on it. Looking real nice.

And Bill has been busy in the Alfa – he finished putting the tile in place of the wallpaper border – that was falling off
And he even made himself a shaver holder with the tiles.
Finished product. Looks good. 
I’m still getting rid of things we’ve never used in the 10 years we‘ve had Alfie.
We are still waiting for the new water heater – having to go down to the basement and turn on the old one every time we want hot water is getting to be old. Especially if we forget before we get ready to get into the shower! The water heater is in – just waiting for the plumber to find time. Heard from plumber he'll be here first of next week. Goody Goody.
And we got a price on replacing the two windows – the replacements must be made of GOLD - $350?!?!?! For only two windows??? Maybe we’ll just live with the broken glass for another couple of years.

Talked to a Realtor and got an idea what we could sell this house for but have decided we won’t. Now that most things are repaired and the raccoons are gone we are enjoying being here again. 
I'm starting to get the hang of my new knitting project. But I've found out I really have to pay attention to it. 
It's going to be a head scarf 25 more inches from now - IF I don't have to tear it out again. 

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