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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Electronics Revolt continuing

Well it’s been two days that the trap has been empty in the morning. Hopefully that is the end of them. 
The electronics revolution has continued. Fried my desktop computer yesterday. Had to “recover” it. Been working on it most of yesterday and today. You forget how much stuff you put on a computer over the years. Luckily the day before yesterday I’d backed up most of my files. Phew! Now I’m just trying to get some of the older programs running. For some reason some of them don’t want to load even though they used to be on this computer.
Weather is continuing to be nice – another day without rain. And still in the low 80s. By this time last year it was 105 plus humidity factor. Don’t miss that at all. 

Other than that doing nothing rest of day.    

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