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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting things fixed.

One down ??? to go. The garage door opener is fixed, well replaced with a new one. Works great.
I’m still having to reload things into my PC. Amazing how many things you add to your computers over the years that you forget until you want to use them. One thing I didn’t think about was my new camera – Windows 7 doesn’t like the way it is set up. When I got it had to call tech support to get it to transfer pictures to the computer. Luckily I remember how to fix it on my own. What will I discover today? Makes life interesting I guess.
For the first time in 76 years our little town has a first run movie theater. But not to get too excited. Only shows movies a couple of nights a week and I think only seats around 100-150 or so. If that many. But the tickets are only $5 and you can buy wine and/or beer along with your popcorn. Next weekend no movies as there will be a play there. The stage productions take precedence over the movies.
Very muggy again today but so far this year the temperature has not hit 90! Only feels like it because of the humidity. This afternoon we are expecting heavy rain and an end to the humidity. And temps in the low 80s again for a few days.
Started sewing on my quilt/afghan but it is just too sticky to do it for any length of time.
No new wildlife has been around – hooray! Bill got the torn up carpet out and in the trash – new is waiting until it cools off some. And the torn screen is off and the Plexiglas measured. One step at a time.
Have not heard anything about the Alfa. Does that mean there is a problem or that they are just taking their time and making sure things are right?

The rain came and went and it is still very humid out but it is cooling off quite nice.

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  1. Home Camp may look like Indiana. But low humidity here is a big difference.