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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revolt of the electronics

Well we have another raccoon in the trap this morning. Hope it is a new one and not one that found his way home. So that mean a trip out into the woods but we were planning on going to town today anyway.
Yesterday morning we had a possum – it was the same one we let go back behind the house the day before – recognized his short cropped tail. So he got a ride far far away too.
The weather is still wonderful here – cool. Today it is supposed to reach the 80s for the first time in a week, but the humidity is going up too – ick. And yesterday was the first day in 12 that we didn’t have any rain. Supposed to rain this evening – hopefully not during fireworks (last year there were very few fireworks here in Indiana due to the drought and fire conditions.) Tomorrow there is 60% chance of rain. Sure not having to water any plants this year.
This week seems to be the time for electronics to act up – Revolt of the electronics. Bill’s PC has been acting up for weeks. Doing really strange things and freezing. So we took it to the Geek Squad – “Maybe it’s a virus, maybe it’s the motherboard. It will cost $199.99 not counting parts.” His computer had Vista on it so it was older – worth the repair – probably not. So he got a new computer. Brought it home. And we both just stared at it. Windows 8 – CRAP – it is designed for young minds – not stuck in the past old folks. And everything he wanted to do it wanted to do on the web. Like playing solitaire or hearts – they used to be on the computer now they are on the web. Don’t think so…..not going through that again. So back to the store it went. So when we got home we thought what the heck – and made recovery disks – it would either work or it wouldn’t. After making the disks I spent the rest of the day taking all his music, pictures etc off and putting them on an external hard drive. Then we ran the recovery. So far so good. Now reloading all the stuff back on. BUT – somehow we managed to not be able to find the disk that will set up the Internet connection for him. The PC isn’t wireless – needs a connector. So that’s why into town today. To buy a new one.
My Nook – cannot find a replacement battery anywhere. Called Nook tech support. “Oh we don’t make or carry those batteries anymore.” It’s a Nook 1st Edition. Lovely. So guess I’ll just read it plugged in or read quick. I wonder if they give trade ins?
And we had to buy a new phone – not a cell phone – a landline phone with speaker. They are getting harder and harder to find. And the ones that are for sale are four times as expensive as they used to be. Finally found a cheapy one at Wal*Mart.
And a couple of the clickers for the garage stopped working. Changed batteries and they still don’t work. We’re starting to feel picked on.

Back from dropping off the raccoon, having breakfast with friends and buying a wireless adapter. And now installing it on his computer. Almost back to normal. 

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  1. Amazon says they have your battery