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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting things taken care of.

A small apartment with plastic flowers in a big city is looking better and better. The Plumber came yesterday about the tankless water heater – it is hopeless – can’t be fixed so will be getting a new one Friday. Oops not until Monday – has to be special ordered. Lovely. It will be nice to have hot water without having to go down to the laundry room to fool with the water heater hoping it will come on. And today a technician is supposed to come to look at the garage door opener/unit. We’ve tried new openers and they don’t work so thinking it is the unit itself. Better news with the garage door – a new unit will be installed tomorrow. And did I mention our DVD quit working – won’t open any more! What else – nothing I hope.
But on the brighter side – another day without raccoons so we bought the new carpet and are replacing the lower screen with Plexiglas – also bought. Now to install both. Waiting for the humidity to go down a little. It’s only in the mid 80s out but feels like 90 something. Supposed to get cooler and less humid by tomorrow night because of –drum roll – Rain.
Had to laugh at this – just inside Wal*Mart door. Do you think it rains a lot here?

Supposed to rain tonight later and then tomorrow afternoon a storm is supposed to move through. But with it will come a lowering of humidity.
I am ready to start to put my afgan together – decided to back it with fleece and put a blanket binding around it. More like a quilt and that will cover up some of my bad knitting.

Had a couple of excellent dinners. Last night I cooked – tilapia breaded with potato flakes and cooked with tomatoes and onions, asparagus and oven roasted seasoned potatoes. Tonight Bill cooked – chicken piccata and butter parsley potatoes. Yum. 

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