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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not much going on

Beautiful out this morning but it is going to be a blistering day. 90 but will feel like 100 – good reading under a fan day. Or working on my afghan/quilt in the basement where it is always cool.
It’s now afternoon and I got all the sewing machine sewing done on the quilt – just some hand work left. While down there I was looking around. Where do all the bugs come from? Had to vacuum the carpet in the basement ‘cause there were little dead [thank goodness] bugs all over it. Then I noticed that everything needed dusting. So got that done.
Updated the Home page of our web site – www.movingon1.com - the one about the trip we took to South America in the 24’ motorhome with five kids in 1978. Added links to all the blogs of our winters spent in Mexico.
And got one of the new pieces of quilt square wood primed on one side. Too hot to stay in garage very long. Will turn it over and do the other side later. Then have to decide on a pattern for it.

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