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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bean Blossom Market.

Yesterday was a day of pleasant surprises.  Started out hotter then heck and so muggy it was hard to breath. So we went into town early for grocery shopping and breakfast visiting.
Around three o’clock a STORM moved in. One minute it was bright and sunny the next it was pouring buckets with thunder and lightening. Lasted about an hour. But as it was ending – sill raining hard the sun came out. Caught these pictures of rainbows in the yard. This is the back yard
And this is over the pond. Look from the bird bath to the tall plants on the other side of the pond. Kind of hard to see.
As soon as the sun was back out it was steamy hot again. 
On the way over to the Bean Blossom Farmer's Market I took this picture. Forgot the camera was on black and white again. But I like the way it turned out. 
This is a building right across the street from the market. 
Saw such good stuff there last week we had to come back this week despite the rain just ending. Squash, big tomatoes and sweet corn. 

This week we bought some huge delicious smelling tomatoes, fresh baked bread from a local bakery and locally made bratwurst.
So when we got home we had for dinner – bratwurst cooked in cast iron skillet with green peppers and red onion (which we bought at farmers market last week), sliced tomatoes and some of the bread. Delicious. How different the vegetables are from store bought.
Getting off the subject but….we have Direct TV and saw an ad on it for a new channel that will be starting in August – Dog TV – yep that’s right Dog TV. You leave it on to keep your dog company when he is home alone. Wonder if they’ll show Lassie and Old Yellow? Or sing Doggie in the Window?
This morning we've been out in the Alfa putting stuff away again and getting rid of stuff we’ve never used. So much of that. 
By this afternoon we should be getting more rain and cooler weather. I hope. 

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