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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lots of rain and humidity but cooler temperatures

Monday evening....Right after I posted on Saturday a long storm moved in. It started to rain about 1:00 in the afternoon and rained until 9 or 10 o'clock. Not a whole lot of lightening but lots and lots of thunder rolling through the hills and shaking the house. Yesterday it was cloudy and overcast most of the day and today we've had quite a bit of rain off and on again. All the plants look really happy again. And the temps have cooled off some. Only reached the low 80s here today but still really muggy. Tomorrow we expect more rain and a cold front. Going down to the 70s during the day and low humidity. Sounds like a good time to finish painting the bathroom trim....doesn't mean I'll do it but it sounds good.
Still waiting for our great grandson to be born - he is a little over due. At least the blanket is done and waiting to be mailed.
Now I'm working on another barn quilt for a friend. And this time I used a smooth surface wood and the green tape works wonderfully - nice straight lines. But this time I picked out some brightly colored paint and didn't read the can before I bought it. It's not water based so have to use mineral spirits to clean the brushes and hands. Ick. Also takes longer to dry especially with the humidity. But it is coming along.
And started to knit a scarf with a knit purl pattern. Did fine for about four inches long then got interested in the TV and the birth of the baby in England and lost my place in the pattern. Didn't realize I'd skipped a couple of rows until I looked at what I'd done. Need to figure a simple way to keep track of what row in the directions I've just finished. Still don't know how to correct that so am just going to leave it and try to make the same mistake in a repeating pattern. Yah, sure!
Bill is busy working in the Alfa - got some glass tile for the bathroom today. The old wallpaper was falling off the walls - don't know how many times I've already re pasted it. So it will be gone now. We've got almost everything back in it and found lots of stuff we forgot we had in there. And lots of stuff that's been in there for years that we've never used. Three vegetable graters???? Why???
A nice electric frying pan - completely forgot about it. Shoes that never fit and I've never worn. Good Will...
Also found out there is something wrong with the satellite dish - it's not getting any power or something. Won't even make a sound or wiggle when we try to raise it and make it search.  Something .must have come loose or something over the winter. Bill went on the roof to check but didn't see anything obivious. Always something else it seems.
Fixed a different dinner last night. Talapia breaded with corn meal, cooked in fake butter and covered with parsley, capers and lemon juice. Delicious! Will do it again.
Watched the Nationwide race yesterday but just isn't fun when Kyle isn't racing. Next weekend they race in Indianapolis. But rain is forecast for both Saturday and Sunday. Last year it was well over 100 for race day. Wednesday night will be the truck race on dirt. Should be interesting.


  1. When I went into the Army, I was stationed at Ft. Harrison, IN. I could not believe the humidity! I had spent all my life in California, and not used to muggy weather. There were many days in the summer when I would return to the barracks after lunch and change shirts. After 50 years in Arizona, I don't think I would last one week in Indiana.

    1. We have air you can see - air you wear and muggly weather. Just makes me want to stay inside all day and do nothing. Cold front coming in later today and humidity will go away for a while. The Southwest is looking better and better.