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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Something new in the trap

Our repertoire is expanding. Heard the trap door drop last night and looked out. Not a raccoon – an opossum! Got Bill up and we let him go. Hope he stays away ‘cause we haven’t had any problems with opossums before. And this morning the cage was empty. If it stays empty tonight we’ll seal up the screen area with Plexiglas and put the cage on the porch for a couple of nights. If nothing shows up that will be the end of it hopefully. Then we’ll replace the eight feet of carpet in the porch and chalk it up to country living experience. Could have done without that kind of experience.
Continue working on the afghan. It is five rows of five squares. I have all the rows put together and now I’m cleaning up the loose ends of yarn then I’ll put the rows together. Going to have to do something around the outside edges to give it some shape but don’t know what.
Boy has the weather ever cooled down. Only going to be in the 70s for four or five days then into the mid 80s. I LOVE this kind of weather. And now that Bill doesn’t have to take the blood thinner any more the cold doesn’t bother him as much either. Along with the cool weather we are also getting a lot of rain. A big storm hit here about five in the evening. Started with a BANG literally. A clap of thunder so loud it shook the house. Scared the livin’ begosh out of us. Then the rain – lots of rain. The pool is so full I’m afraid the fish are going to be washed right out and down the hill. Everything is really green here though. Was listening to the news about California, Nevada and Arizona  – now that is HOT.
We put whatever we’d taken into the Alfa away and are taking it back to the RV doc – tomorrow if it isn’t pouring. Bill is really pissed about the things they worked on not working right. We’ve used this place for years and they’ve always done exceptional work. Hate the drive over there. Down through these hills around the curves on a 1 and ½ lane road. Trees dragging on the roof. Especially a trip that should not be necessary!

Not going any where today – all the tourists are out and about visiting all the artists studios here in the county. Hope the rain holds off for them. We are – well I am going to watch the postponed race at noon. Bill will be watching a soccer game at noon and we’ll watch another game at six. Some of the best teams in the world playing. 

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  1. Hi Carol and Bill,

    I was reading about the temperatures in Arizona and California too. Wow!

    Down here at Home Camp, gets up to the low 80s, but always a nice breeze.