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Friday, November 6, 2015

All the way to Argentina memories.

Better get this done as there is lots of NASCAR on TV today: truck, Xfinity and Cup practice and qualifying and the truck race this afternoon. I imagine there will be a lot of talk about the penalty for the wreck. Talk about overreaction. Anyways.
Been a couple of quiet days. Much cooler. Even turned the heater on and much to our pleasure it works like a charm. Warms the whole house right up. Yesterday and today - sunny but low 60s.
I did fix the pork roast with potatoes and sliced apples for dinner on my birthday. Turned out delicious. And I think I’ve figured out the oven. Seemed to keep the right temperature.
Yesterday morning I woke up with a lot of energy - four weeks since surgery and I finally feel myself. Did five loads of laundry, filled out the 13 pages of paperwork [each] for the doctor appointments next week. And then set up my embroidery machine. I’d forgot how fun that is. For the first time in years we are home for the fall season so I get to put out some stuff I made for the dining room table. This is kind of overkill but…
Bill has been playing with his air brush - learning how to make flames - he’s getting there.

Watch out Willie…run…
But back to yesterday. Here is what I embroidered on the sewing machine. A bib and three burp cloths.
Now I want to do something else - maybe something for Christmas.

I mentioned Bill is throwing bread for the pigeons - I hate pigeons - and carrots for the rabbits out in the yard. So here is the rabbit eating the pigeon’s bread. Who knew rabbits liked bread. 
Bill has discovered Street View on Google Earth and was wandering around Argentina - he found the campground we stayed at in 1978 El Griego - It is still there! In the book All The Way To Argentina I wrote quite a bit about El Griego. That is where we had our infamous restaurant.

Wrote all about our times in El Griego  - the book before we changed the name to All The Way to Argentina.
Quiet an improvement from when the boys helped build the original ones. 
in front of the restaurant 1978

the muddy road into El Griego

The restaurant.- just inside the gate.