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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. We are going to have a roast for dinner as neither of us is crazy about turkey.

Yesterday went well - quite well. Compared to the day before anything had to be better.
We got a few more errands done without incident. More things checked off the “to do before we leave” list. No problems with getting Bill’s double refill supplies of his meds. Check off ü Went to Mail Box place and made a change with how our mail will go there. ü Then went to U.S. Post Office to buy stamps and put in a Temporary Change of Address. ü
I discovered this article on line about the new NASCAR Champion - well written and very interesting. Talks about when he realized he had a broken leg and foot after his wreck. Even if you don’t like racing it is interesting.
While taking one of my walks around the neighborhood I saw these colorful pine cones, thought they were kind of cute. Might gather some up next year and do them in different colors for the seasons. 

Finally got out and took another walk. Bill went with me part of the way We walked down to where the Alfa is parked and checked him out. Engine turned right over. Told him we’d pick him up on Tuesday and bring him to the house. Plans are to leave the morning of the 3rd. But as we all know plans are made to change. Bill cut off towards home as he was cold but I got in 1.3 miles. The wind was cold.
Sure hope that hurricane weakens before it hits Mazatlan which is right in its path. Glad we didn’t leave this week.
Think I’ll work on my quilt a little today, get some of the embroidered squares done. Spent part of the day with the sewing machine - while watching Parade. Kind of take up the whole room.
The machine working on a design.

I got four of the twelve squares done . They still have to be trimmed.
When the needle broke I decided to quit for the day. So put a roast in the oven for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Tomorrow is another day. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Good for you 1.3 is really great. Hope your dinner was tasty. The rain has started ahead of the hurricane schedule.

  2. From the reports here it sounds like it will get weaker as it gets closer. Sure hope so.
    I'm trying to walk every day but have missed a few lately.

  3. Your sewing projects are beautiful!!!. Hope you can keep us updated on your Mexico travels. I love to hear of your adventures