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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pictures from Vegas

Been out and about most of the day today. Running errands and taking care of more stuff so we can leave soon. 
Before all that though here are some pictures of last nights sunset. This is looking out back over the desert to the East. 
 Looking out to the side 
 Looking out front kind of south west. 
Have also done a couple of other things. You know all those "As seen on TV" things that sound so good and usually are a disappointment. Well we found one thing that lives up to its commercial It is Lazer*Bond glue. I had a couple of ceramic/china/glass figurines that got broken in the move. Have not been able to find a glue that would mend them. Bill sent away for the Lazer Bond stuff and it worked great - easy to use, bonds immediately after the lazer is shined on it. 
We also got a Dash Cam - just for fun - 39 at Wal*Mart. It works great (once I figured out how to use it - got a lot of my face scowling and my feet at first.) Here it is in the window. We thought/think it will be great for videos when traveling. Much steadier than trying to hold a camera. Tomorrow I'll try to post a video from today. 
 Just a person strolling down the street with her puppies. 
 We had to make a trip to "the other side of town" which took us across the Strip. Iconic statues and New York skyline. For a week day there were a lot of cars and people out. 
 No wonder people are using Uber - a taxi price list. 
 The new Arena being built behind New York, New York and the Monte Carlo. Doesn't look very big. And it isn't named yet. 
 We were behind this for a while - cannot imagine driving one in the traffic in Vegas. You can rent them from a place on the strip. 
 Here is what it looks like from the front - it is a SlingShot. Snatched this pic off the web. 
Reflections on the side of the Riviera Hotel - soon to be torn down. What a shame. 
 See all kinds of things walking down the sidewalks - Santa Mickey
And then we came home.  More tomorrow about all we've got done. 

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  1. The Sling Shot is what Anita (on the WomenRV Forum) has. Hers is red too.

    Barbara Rose (Barbie)