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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cold and raining in Vegas

Didn’t realize it had been so long since I did a post. The weather has really changed here! High for today is going to be in the low 50s! And temps dropping down to mid 40s during the night. Poor Bill - he has on fleece pants, a sweat shirt and his beanie! He also was checking out the heater. Hasn’t turned it on yet but he wanted to make sure it would work. I imagine it will be on by tonight. I even have on a regular t-shirt and semi-long pants. And it just started to rain. By the weekend it is supposed to be up in the mid 70s again. Two days ago it was 86! A good day to make a pork roast with potatoes and apples for dinner. And maybe bake something.
I see him eyeing the keys to the Alfa - Our biggest problem yet to solve before leaving is what to do about our mail. In Indiana we always had someone staying in the house - the PO won’t hold it longer than 30 days. I hate to put in a change of address - can maybe do a temporary one. We’ll see.
Didn’t do much over the weekend - watched soccer and NASCAR - which turned out to be exciting. Nothing like payback. Glad my favorite driver #18 M&Ms car had a good race and managed to stay out of trouble.
Son’s ladies came again yesterday to clean the house. Boy I’m getting used to this. Will hate to have it stop.
I’ve bought a couple of things to embroider for our “on the way” great granddaughter. So I set the machine up with the embroidery attachment and everything seems to be working okay. Even remembered - after a few false starts - how to transfer a design from the computer to the disk that goes in the sewing machine. Today will be a good day to see if I can get it all together and make something.
A long time ago I bought some of that Amish Wood Milk to use on the banister in the Indiana house - well never did it. So thought I’d use it on our maple bedroom set today. The set is over 50 years old and looks a little dull. Will let you know if it works like they say. Well it put a nice shine on the wood and it doesn’t feel greasy. So guess I’ll use it instead of spray furniture polish.
It is now colder and pouring rain here. So Bill took me out to breakfast for my birthday. That’s about all the celebrating we’ll do.

Good day to curl up with a good book. 


  1. Happy Birthday!! It is sunny and warm here 70F!!

  2. Happy Birthday, I guess I will have Carrot Cake for you. You may want to check out a PO Box for you mail.

  3. Hi Carol: When we travel the post office holds our mail for however long we are gone. The card you fill out to hold the mail says 30 days but they have always agreed to hold ours longer. There was one time where they had to check with the local post master but she easily agreed. I think the longest we ever asked them to hold it was about 10 weeks and I know you are normally gone longer than that but you might want to ask.

  4. We're going to go over and talk to the post office - if push comes to shove we'll transfer our mail to our son's.