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Friday, November 13, 2015

Winter weather - time to leave!

Another cool start to the day here in Vegas. About 45° out but the sky is blue and the sun is up so it is supposed to get to mid 60s by afternoon.
I finally made myself get out and walk - yes WALK - did a mile here inside the neighborhood. I mapped it out first then actually followed my planned route. Maybe tomorrow 1 ½ miles. Really need to start doing some kind of activity. Been sitting on my behind too much.
Two days ago it was really nasty here. It even snowed in part of the city - the North West part which is quite a bit higher than this area. Looking towards the bad weather from our yard, we had sunshine.
 Later the same day - the sun had just gone down behind the lower clouds. Thought it looked neat. We were on our way out to dinner.
I’m surprised we aren’t heading south yet. But it won’t be long. We go to the eye doctors today, see our new doctor for blood work results next Monday and the cardiologist for Bill a week from tomorrow. And as long as nothing comes up we should be on the road before the end of November. Our neighbor has offered to pick up our mail for us so that is taken care of.
So today I was looking at the maps, it is around 1,320 miles from here to Mazatlan. And we can do it in short days drives. Stopping along the way to visit with friends. Could take longer than two weeks to get there depending on how long we stop to visit people and places on the way down.

Yesterday our youngest grandson - son of our youngest son marched in the Veteran’s Day parade here in Vegas. He is only 14 but is really getting tall quick.
Saw the eye doctor yesterday and Bill is going to be able to get his new lenses in his old frames - thank goodness as he really likes the old one - they have sunglasses that magnetically fit on the frames. So today between NASCAR events we'll go over and get that done. They refused to use my old frames cause they are too old. So need to find some new ones. Whenever.