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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Senior Citizen Moments

Had an “oh my gosh” moment the other day. A couple of very dear friends had scares regarding their mother’s health in the last week or two. Both Mothers were hospitalized but both are slowly improving. My thoughts were “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about older parents and more.” Then it dawned on me WE ARE THE OLDER PARENTS! How did that happen so quick?
And then in the last couple of days I managed to prove the older/not too swift with the brain part. How to feel old and stupid in two easy lessons…Yesterday was a day I hope never to repeat. Actually today it is kind of funny. Yesterday I just felt stupid.
So - I’ve been complaining that we’ve been without our regular Internet since Friday - and I’ve been complaining to several people at the company…Well guess what - it was my fault - not the original loss of service but the continued loss of service. On Friday there was a major outage of service in our area and the service people got it fixed and up and running by Saturday morning. [for everyone but us] Why not us? Well on Friday when I called the company the tech person tried to walk me through fixing the problem on our end. She had me check power, it on. Which lights are on. Told her. Check the connection at the jack…So I crawled under Bills desk to find the jack which of course is way in the corner almost behind the desk leg. See the jack
well neither did I until I managed to crawl under there.
So anyway I found it - picture me without a flashlight and without my glasses scrunched under the desk. The tech told me to unplug the jack and plug it back in to see if that worked. So I did - but when I plugged it back in I plugged it in the telephone hole instead of the DSL hole. I figured if one hole didn’t work the other might. Until I took this picture I didn’t even see the words!
So, of course nothing worked. Tech told me to call back Saturday morning and set up an appointment. I did. For Monday morning early. Well no one showed up Monday. So back on the phone with several people. Several times. To make a long story shorter the repair man finally came Tuesday afternoon. It took him a few minutes to realize what was wrong and he fixed it - moved the plug into correct jack. I felt like an idiot.
My original work order was cancelled because when the major outage was fixed they figured my problem had been fixed. And I guess it had been if I hand’t of screwed it up. Dah.
While the repair man was here so were the cleaning ladies. I had seen the cleaning ladies pull up so I went out through the garage to show them the way in - they were new ladies and hadn’t been here before. Our son uses us as a training house. While I was talking to them the repair man came too. [All day Tuesday I had the cell phone in my hand waiting for the repair man to call and say he was coming.]
Went in the house and Bill went with the ladies to show them where to start cleaning and I brought the repair man into the computer room. He was done quickly and left. An hour or so later the ladies were done - an excellent job - and left. About a half hour later I went to get the cell phone. It wasn’t where I thought I left it. Looked around…CRAP - so I called it - could not hear it ring. Called it again walked all over the house. By now Bill was looking and listening too. Called it again - panic setting in - there goes the blood pressure! We both walked around listening in the house and outside in the garage. No ringing. Best guess either the repair man picked it up with all of his equipment or the cleaning ladies picked it up with their stuff. At no time did we think anyone stole it - I though I’d left it on the desk in the computer room where the repair man had been working - one cell phone looks like another. Same with the cleaning ladies I know they have phones. Mistakes happen. I got on the house phone with the Internet company - they tried to contact repair man. Bill got on phone with our son’s wife who would call the ladies. Luckily they didn’t get a hold of the repair man because the cleaning lady told our daughter in law she saw a white phone out in the garage on the counter. OMG. Yep there it was. I must have set it down there when everyone showed up. And somehow I managed to shut the ringer off. Talk about feeling like a double idiot. Many apologies to everyone.
So like I said “I’m the old parent now.” Do I need a keeper yet?
Guess Bill didn’t trust me around the stove he went out and picked up Chinese food for dinner…

Today we have a bunch of errands to take care of.


  1. Enjoyed your post today and bet many of your readers can relate. Some days you just have to laugh and just get on with the day.

    1. sure hope I don't need any Internet repair for a long, long time. - at least until they forget who I am.

  2. Don't feel to bad. I have done many of the same kind of things. Glad all turned out well

  3. It is only a seniors moment! Bottom line, zero . Ah, over 65 years? Good enuf!

  4. Replies
    1. hope the hurricane calms down before reaching land - take care