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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Do you exercise?

Started out really cold - 45° this morning but turned into a really nice day - no wind. I joke about how cold Bill gets when it drops below 70° but it really isn’t funny. And I guess the changes in the temperature managed to give him a cold. He never gets a cold he gets a COLD. So is spending most of today in bed.
I on the other hand walked for my third day in a row. When I filled out all the paper work for the doc and one questions was oyes ono Do you exercise? And I checked the No box it started me thinking. Perhaps it is time I started doing something. So I got a map of the community (park) where we live and mapped out a mile walk - I know that isn’t very long but I had to start somewhere. So Thursday I walked the mile, yesterday just under the mile and today 1.3 miles. Meeting some of our neighbors as I do it. So far haven’t been able to talk Bill into joining me. If he will we will go out in the wetlands to walk. Also downloaded some “soup can” exercises - my plans are to be a good girl and do them.
About our trip to the eye doctor. We both got our exams - my sight has changed just a little as has Bills. Of course they won’t use my favorite frames - have to get new ones. The cheapest frames they had were $160 and of course all BRAND names. No thanks. Also according to our insurance papers progressive lenses have a copay of $65. They wanted $240 - just for the lenses. Will wait until we get to Mazatlan. As for Bill he uses bifocals and they would use his frames so the cost was $45. BUT when he tried them on he couldn’t see - got dizzy and almost fell over. So he told them to put his old lenses back in and refused to see the doctor again. Oh well - he’ll get his eyes examined by our eye doctor friend in Mazatlan and get the new lenses there. So that was kind of a bust.
Just for the heck of it we bought a DashCam - haven’t used it yet - has to be charged. Be interesting to see how it works - if it works. Only $30.
Next week will be busy for us - doctor’s appointments on Monday - hopefully all blood work turned out well and we can get our prescriptions written. Tuesday I have to go to the doctor’s office that did the surgery to see if there is anyway to improve on my problem so it won’t be so aggravating while we are traveling. Not expecting too much. And Friday Bill has an appointment with the cardiologist - sure hope he doesn’t insist on any tests that will further delay our getting out of here. Also next Saturday is one of the biggest soccer games of the year and on Sunday is the last NASCAR race of the season. Also need to arrange a few things to make being gone easier - mostly phone calls. Then of course start getting the Alfa ready.
Don’t know what got into the coyotes last night but they were very vocal for about ½ hour. Lots of yips and lots of howls.

I am about over my convalescent time - I will miss the ladies coming once a week to clean. How easy it is to get spoiled. 

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