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Monday, November 30, 2015

Keeping really busy

We’ve had a couple of domestic days and a hectic one - just the first hectic one I’m afraid. Just one pile of stuff to be put in the Alfa. I take three bags out and four more appear inside.    
Didn’t we just get everything put away! Now we’re dragging it all out again. I’m tired all ready and just barely started.
The Alfa is out in front of the house, sure glad we don’t have many neighbors. Now Bill wants to leave on Wednesday - lots to do before then.
Saturday he was cold so he spent some time in the kitchen making crepes.
And yesterday he made lots and lots of Milanese so we can vacuum pack and freeze it and take it with us. First he soaks it in his secret sauce.
Then breads all of it. Notice the gloves, he doesn't like getting his hands sticky. 
Then fries it.
 Think we'll have enough?
I package it and put it away.
While he was doing that I made three more embroidered squares for my quilt that I won’t get to finish till we get home. 
I’ve already put everything away in the sewing room. It amazes me that I can’t write a grocery list because my hands shake so bad but I have no problem threading a needle on the sewing machine. Go figure. 

I don’t know what we did with all of last years Mexican paperwork and our Mexican Internet stick. Think we got rid of it all, maps, camping books, road routes, etc…Well we were thinking we weren’t going to go to Mexico anymore. Should have known better. Also can’t find Bill’s Mexican cell phone.
Went out to dinner tonight, have enough left overs for tomorrow. Hope to be on the road early on Wed. the 2nd.
We still have to make empanadas, go to market and bank and finish packing. Tomorrow should fly by.  

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about loosing stuff. We moved this spring and I have lost my US phone I have also lost my recipe books OH well thanks for the Internet. Have a safe journey sure would love to be following you but health keeps us home this winter