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Friday, November 20, 2015

Crossing things off "get ready to go list"

Have spent the last few days getting things done that have to be done before we can leave for the winter. Little by little we're getting things checked off the list. Getting keys made for son, getting a mail box and a safe deposit box. All done. Getting our prescriptions filled for 180 days...kind of done. Seeing doctors and eye exams…kind of done. Last doctor visit is today, I hope. Went to Costco and Wal*Mart to stock up on stuff we can’t get in Mexico. WOW talk about a Hundred Dollar Store! After the initial shock I had to remind myself “It’s for 6 months - 6 months…” And we’ll still have some stuff left when we get home.
Speaking of Wal*Mart - we found Flat Iron Steak there this week. If you haven’t tried it do so. Very good flavor, very tender and not real expensive. So we stocked up and vacuumed packed them for dinners on the road.
I have a problem with my camera - it has a couple of blemishes on the lense When we were traveling I thought it was just dirt on the windshield but the pictures I’ve been taking from the back yard show the blemish quite clearly. So new camera, or get out my old BIG one that works great - it is just so BIG. Hopefully I can just get more or less the same camera so the batteries and chargers can still be used.
The weather the last couple of days and the next few is wonderful. Cool enough for me and warm enough for Bill. He even is walking with me around the neighborhood. It has been six weeks, already, since my surgery and I feel great. Well except for the little problem which just aggravates me.
No cleaning ladies this week - OH NO - I have to sweep and mop myself. But son said they will be coming next week so maybe I’ll just ignore things till then.
Is it just me or are the Carl’s Jr/Hardys ads getting to be just a little too much. Do you really need sex to sell hamburgers. Maybe it’s my age, I’m not hip anymore. But…
I talked about the dash cam last post - here is a video we took - it’s not the best as we were driving into the sun. But I’m learning how to adjust the angle etc. So hopefully they will get better.

Off to watch NASCAR on TV. Then later to the doctor and to visit our son to get our car charger back. 


  1. Remember that you can get your camera repaired in the shop just off the Plazuela Machado for about 250 pesos. He does a great job on removing the dust spots. Sure get another camera but bring this one with you to get repaired and then you will have a back up.

  2. thank you - that sounds a lot better then buying another camera. I have another one that is good but it is really big and I don't like to use it.