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Monday, November 23, 2015

Great weekend -

Hello there - a great weekend here in Vegas. Cool enough for me and warm enough for Bill. Also great sports weekend for both of us. On Friday NASCAR Eric Jones won the truck driver championship and the owner’s championship for KBM [Kyle Busch Motorsports] On Saturday Barcelona soccer team tromped Real Madrid 4 - 0. And on Sunday Kyle Bush won the NASCAR Cup race AND the 2015 Championship. Nine months after breaking his leg and foot in a race. Missed the first 11 races but came back to win a total of 5 races and the championship.

Also made some banana bread from scratch that turned out really, really good. Going to keep that recipe for sure.
While I was glued to TV Bill was outside getting Willie, the Jeep, ready for his winter trip to Mexico. Cleaned him up inside and outside and started loading the stuff he carries every year.

Also managed to get all my prescriptions filled for the time we’ll be gone. Still waiting on getting Bill’s done as he sees family doctor again tomorrow to see how he is reacting to a new pill - replacing on old one. And it seems so far to be much better, fewer side effects. Then we are done with doctor visits. Except for me being put on high blood pressure pills we are both in great shape. Gee after the last six months I wonder why my blood pressure is high…First time ever in my many long years. Also my HDL - good cholesterol - is down for the first time ever. Guess I should not have quit drinking - read one alcoholic beverage a day helps raise HDL…will have to think about that. Also eating nuts.
The cardiologist checked Bill out, approved the change in the one medication and said enjoy your trip and come see me when you get back.
I was watching a Rice Krispies commercial the other day. Did any one but me ever get the three cloth rice krispies dolls - Snap, Crackle and Pop. They came as pieces of material that had to be sewed together and stuffed. And remember using Quaker Oats round boxes as doll beds. And hollyhocks as dancing dolls. Such a simpler life so many years ago.
Some show of fall colors here in Vegas.
Our Internet service went out Friday night - so waiting for someone to show up this morning between 8 and 12 of course. So I dug out the Verizon MiFi for limited use.
We’re going to have to get some things done in the next day or two as the temps here are going to drop to low 30s at night and low 50s during the day. Bill will be a popsicle.

AARRGG!! Been on the phone with the Internet service for an hour. Repair man was supposed to be here between 8-12 - no show. Somehow my ticket got closed out. Not a happy camper. So now we hope to have someone here before 9:00 p.m.  For sure, for sure…back to using our Verizon MiFi. 


  1. Soon you will be heading south...hang in there.

  2. Would love it if you shared your recipe for banana bread!

    1. I got it off the net. closest I've found to my mom's recipie
      http://breadbaking.about.com/od/dessertandholidaybreads/r/bananabread.htm if you can't get to it let me now and write it out for you