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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flowers made from Leather - new project!

We have had a couple of absolutely beautiful days – low humidity and lot to mid 80s – but that is gone now. Today it will be 90 something and the next few days will be in the high 90s with lots and lots of humidity. Hiding inside in the basement. Will work on my quilt down there and some more stained glass pieces.

Also maybe some beading – can do that while watching TV. Yesterday I straightened up my beading area and went through all my beads – OMG I’m going to have to bead for the rest of my life to use up what I’ve got. Found beads I’d forgotten I had – but of course the next project I wanted to start I don’t have that bead!....
Bill has been working on some new stuff. Leather jewelry. He’s made some flower pins they are beautiful. And he is really interested in what he can do.
Tomorrow (they were supposed to come last Wednesday) the tree cutting guys should be here. These are the trees we’re going to have cut. Sure hope they know what they are doing. Would hate to have one come the wrong way and go through the house.
And this is what the trees are doing. The darker park of the gravel is not shadow – it is sap from the trees. It makes a horrible mess. When you stand out there it feels like you’re getting rained on. It even manages to get on the jeep in the shelter!
Not much else going on. Went into town for breakfast and shopping but other than that just keeping busy around here. Sunday are two races to watch - the Indy 500 and NASCAR at Charlotte.

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