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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lots of work being done around here

Wednesday a.m.
The old bones are yelling at me today. Brought home a bunch of potting dirt and plants yesterday for the "new look" out front. We got all the pots and planters settled in the rocks, filled with dirt and planted. I was too tired to even go outside a take a picture. Today parts of me I didn't even know I had are complaining. My fault - I just need to do things like that more often. 
We went into town yesterday a.m. to do three errands - get material for my quilts [I miscalculated by a whole lot], buy groceries [out of eggs etc] and get dirt and plants. So first, of course, we stopped for breakfast then went right to Menard's for the dirt and plants. When we were finished loading poor Willie there wasn't even room for eggs. So came home and got to work. Junior was at the house spreading more rock - all that is left is to put new gravel in the driveway - a every couple of years necessity. Today it should all be finished.
And the yard guy spread more mulch in the back around the pond. Speaking of the pond the water iris are blooming - need to get a picture of them. Beautiful. 
Bill has been working his buns off - good to see him so active again. Today I have to spray some "Deer Off" around. The suckers already ate my young day lilies! - That stuff smells so bad. Why do they eat the ones I planted and not the wild ones right across the driveway? 
Well going out to take some pictures of all the work done. Will post more later.
Also spent time on phone with SEO Optimizers???  for the web page They want a lot of money and still can't figure out what they really do that I can't. 

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