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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot (anyway for me) and muggy morning in the woods. We had severe storms off and on all yesterday. One would come through then the sun would come out and soon another one would come through. Lots and lots of very heavy rain and hours of thunder. For one half hour period it never stopped thundering. There was a tornado warning for the little town of Bean Blossom – just a few miles east of us. And the news said downtown Nashville got 1” hail. Here we just had rain. I was afraid the pond would get so full the fishies would float down the hill. This is before the rain.

We had the yard cleanup guy pull all the weeds between the pond and the hill and put in mulch. But the way weeds grown here I’m sure they will be back soon. Our strawberry patch on the front side of the pond is starting to flower. Maybe this year we’ll be able to get a few before the chipmunks get them.
Junior’s men showed up in the afternoon to start working on the front planter. They were here about 10 minutes when one of the storms hit. Couldn’t work in it so off they went. Hopefully they’ll be back today. Not supposed to rain. They came back and have cleaned up all three planting areas and will be back tomorrow with the rocks.
At least yesterday all the flowers got a good watering – probably too much of a good thing. Just a few of the flower boxes on the porch rail.

It was a good sewing day yesterday so I was busy putting my quilt together – ready to put the last strip of blocks on it when I took a good look at it – right in the middle I’d put a block in upside down!!!! Lots of tearing out to do. Got it fixed this morning. And just got an ad that material is going on sale at Jo-Ann next weekend – 50% off and I need a lot for the borders and backing.
The electrician is here now putting the lights up downstairs. That will be nice for hobbies. He finished putting up the lights - OMG do I ever need to clean that area. But have to buy a new vacuum first. The old one took a crap the other day. (That's why the room isn't clean - sounds good to me.)
Yesterday during the storms I cooked up a storm – made five dozen empanadas. We both pigged out on them. Most are in the freezer. Haven’t made any for over a year. They are an Argentine dish – just little half circle meat pie like things. Good nibbles.
The batteries on the camera are used up already – going to get some rechargeables when we go to town later. Otherwise when we’re traveling I’ll be buying batteries all the time.
Headed into town after the electrician left - stopped for a meal, went to Menards and got money back from all the plants we bought last week that went on sale this week.  And went to Sam's Club - Then home. Tomorrow we have to go back to town to go to Wal*Mart for vacuum and groceries. Had so many new plants in car there was no room for anything else. Sure glad Bill takes care of them all.
Got up into the high 80s today - really, really warm. Bill is happier than a pig in slop and I'm peespiring"glowing" like crazy - turned all the fans on and the A/C.  Still fooling with the dam lights - I keep missing one step and have to start all over - anyway I was so hot my glasses fogged up so I had to stop.


  1. "Bean Blossom", really? Too funny. Can't wait to see a picture of your completed quilt.


  2. here in tn its sooo hot...fraid were gonna have a long scorching summer :(