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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Planters, Flag Poles, Sewing Machines and Snakes.

Bill has his new planters built already and is in the process of painting them. He HATES to paint and it shows. By tomorrow we’ll have to go shopping for more plants. Will it never end? (as you can tell I started this a few days ago.) The planters are already finished and planted.
Getting ready to plant them

All planted
Another view of them
And I’ve spent lots of time on line and on the phone trying to find a part for my sewing machine. No one carries what I need any more as the machine is an older one – seven years???? – It has to be ordered from the factory “if they still make them” and will take a while to get here. Lovely. Can’t use the machine without the “stitch cards” as they regulate the stitches. Well that’s not actually true – I can still use the machine if I want to just use the ¼” setting for stitching - that card is still working and it is the one I use for quilting. But wanted to do a zig zag which is a stitch on another card – and No Way.
Finally found the stitch card for my machine. At a Viking Sewing place in the Joann’s in Greenwood – about 40 miles north of here. Almost to Indianapolis. Picked it up and it works fine. Thank goodness they still make them.
Got the “sleeve” for displaying my bedspread sewed on and mailed in my application for the quilt show. Exciting. It’s the first weekend in June. Also ready to start layering the two quilts I’m working on. Got a fusible batting this time. Hope it works as easy as it says it does. It will save a lot of time not having to safety pin it all together.
Brown County stuck again. Sitting reading the other night and poof the lights went out. They were out for a little over an hour. No idea what caused it. And I saw in the paper that there was a boil water day for a part of town south of us.
More fun country living. The pest control people were here for a couple of hours, spraying, putting up traps and mouse poison. Sure hope it works. I’m not afraid of them but I don’t like them. And those dam flying tiny moths that we fought all winter in the Alfa are flying around here too. Guess they can’t really be controlled.
Bill just hollered for me to come out back. The little snake that lives in the pond just caught one of the gold fish and was trying to eat it.
Saw this on a concrete bench at a yard art place the other day. It is for Jeni and John. It just really hit my heart.
“We could not say our last farewell
Or even say good-bye
For you were gone before we knew
And only God knows why.”
Today is just a putter around day. Both of us worked hard yesterday. Bill cleaning Willie from top to bottom inside and out. Says he found dirt from last year in him. I believe it. And I cleaned the first floor of the house. Vacuumed up all the dead bugs and cobwebs etc. Moved furniture and washed rugs. Today we’re just going to fool around.
Oh yes, almost forgot to mention. Bill got our new flag pole installed and up.

Seeing how much Bill has accomplished the last few weeks makes me really happy. He is feeling so much better lately. It was a year ago today he had his heart attack. Thank you God.

Our weather is beautiful today mid 80s. Maybe a little rain tomorrow – or not. But then it is going to get hot!! In the 90s for Memorial Weekend and the Indy. Speaking of races that All-Star race last night was a JOKE – hang in the back for most of the race then win…..Stupid format -

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  1. You two have really been busy. Looks great, glad Bill is doing well.