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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mice and Bugs invade us every Spring - This season is no different

Monday a.m.
Just called pest control - we need them NOW - found mousey poops on my beading table in the downstairs work shop and Bill says they are chewing his leather in the garage. Joys of living in the woods. Also lots of bugs of all kinds. When I opened my eyes and saw one sitting on my pillow staring at me I was very unhappy. They will be here Wednesday.
Mother's Day was quiet. Kind of a gloomy day with gray skies until almost sunset. Went out to dinner in Columbus - half the restaurants here in our town were closed! On Mother's Day???
Talked to and got emails from my kids. They are all fine. Still waiting to hear when our next great grand baby will arrive.
Stayed up until one in the morning watching a soccer game on TV. Real Madrid won. Saturday night watched the NASCAR race. Pretty good ending.
Bill is outside now carpeting the front and side deck. It looks nice but don't know how it will hold up. We've finally got everything outside done. Just upkeep for the summer left. Lots and lots of upkeep. And of course now it has stopped raining and it is getting into the high 80s this week. There goes the water bill.
Got a lot of information from youngest son yesterday on how to optimize the web pages. Will try to do it a little at a time. - too much info at once for this old brain.
Still haven't cleaned the shot glasses but did get all the borders on my quilts. Next layering with batting and backing then quilting. Kind of changing mind about entering my quilted bedspread in the show in June. Found out I have to add a four inch strip to the top back so they can put a rod through it to hang it. Never thought about that. Sounds like a lot of hand work, unless I can just safety pin it on.


  1. I hope that was a bug on the pillow and not a mouse! You would think the mice would come in when it got cold not when it was warming up.

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