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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indy 500 Day

It is really weird - right now in fact since 6:00 this morning every local station [local for us is Indianapolis] is at the Speedway doing shows about Race Day. BUT when the race starts they all return to "regular" programing and not one local station shows the race!!! We are 50 miles from Indianapolis and can't watch the race until reruns later in today.  However - because we have Direct TV and that is what we use in the motorhome we have a special program - that of course we pay extra for - that gives us the major ABC CBS NBC FOX from both Los Angeles and New York. So turning to one of those station I think its ABC we'll be able to watch the race.
Guess it is blacked out here locally.
It is already hot out - we've got all the fans running and the AC on. 
Have to laugh - every year when we got to Mexico for the winter everyones says - aren't you afraid? Well no - aren't people afraid to go to the Indy 500 - there has already been a shooting there this morning!
Not going to do much today and what I plan on doing will be in the basement. Did some quilting on my quilt yesterday. And today have to re install the embroidery software in the laptop so I can get a pattern to finish the quilting. Took me a while to find the software - haven't used it in a couple of years. But in the mean time I can finish the hand sewing of the border. 
For any quilters out there - if you haven't used the fusable batting DO USE it - it is great. Had to do a little pinning but nothing like before - love it. It's been a couple of years since I've quilted and its like a brand new learning experience. I forgot to put on my "walking foot" when doing my stitch in the ditch. About half way through the job I remembered it. What a difference that made when I put it on. So much easier. And I forgot I have quilting gloves to wear to help with the moving of the material. .......Now I hope I can remember hjow to set up the embroidery loops etc.
The guys didn't show up to cut the trees yesterday. No surprise after all this is Brown County. He said the power was out at his house and he was moving his food to a friends. Okay!?
Bill was already outside this morning - watering and fixing a leak he found in one of the hoses. Of course the line was buried under all the new rock - so by the time he got the rock moved the leak fixed and the rock put back he was soaking wet and ready to come back in for the day.

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  1. Poor Bill, funny how little jobs turn into big ones. Enjoy the race