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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memories of John

Tuesday a.m.
Except for putting up the new flagpole the outside of the front of the house is done for another year. Reseeded and fed the grass yesterday – so now that we need a little rain it isn’t going to rain for a week. That’s good for all of the events going on at the Indy Speedway this week – practice etc.

Still working on the web pages – boy there is a lot to do if you want to be found. Working on both sites – Masks and Beading according to “them” I have to add stuff about Facebook, Google, twitter (how the heck do you tweet?) and I don’t know what else. I’m lucky I can figure out how to turn the computer on some days.
Went into town earlier and bought the material I need to add the piece to hang my quilt for the show – now I just have to hand sew it on in time to enter it. And Bill got more wood to build two more planters for the front side yard….I thought we were done out there! What with all the watering that needs to be done we won’t be able to get away from here for more than two or three days at a time this summer.
Also discovered some interesting things about leather jewelry on line. Sounds like it might be fun to try. Just what we need more “stuff”. I really like the flower with the butterfly sun catcher I made the other day. Thought I’d make some more in different colors. And I still need to do a bigger piece for the living room window to cover the crack in the window.
Wednesday a.m.
Today is a day full of memories for us. Our son John would be 47 today. Its been over five years and it is still hard to get my head around it. We miss him terribly. And he is a grandfather now! – Baby girl born to his son five days ago. I wish he were still around to enjoy her. Love you John
The flag pole is up and the flag is flying. And we are waiting for the pest control people to come and hopefully take care of some of the little crawly things. 


  1. It is so difficult to lose a child. May you feel God's comfort today and remember the good times.

  2. The snake would have to go :) I can deal with a mouse(not really) better than a snake :O The place looks great !!! So glad Bill is doing so well !! You must be a great caregiver :)