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Friday, May 4, 2012

House of the Flowers

Muggy Friday Morning

Sitting here working on the web site – adding more Wood Spirit pictures to it. Bill is really making some beautiful and fun ones. Using the fur and snake skin….
Wood Spirit Face
If you haven’t yet check it out http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/
A lot has been accomplished in the last two days. The lights are in downstairs and there is really lots of LIGHT now. And we did buy a new vacuum but still haven’t used it – in fact haven’t put it together yet. We’re supposed to get some cooler weather in a couple of days so will clean then. Good excuse right? I did clean part of the first floor this morning before it got too hot.
The old mulch has been taken out of the plant beds and the rock more or less put in. So that is progressing. Now we’re trying to figure out what to put in them to make them pretty. A wishing well? Hokey? A “water feature” To HGTV? Boulders and plants? How abut a great big cement turtle? Cute but too expensive.
And the gutters have been cleaned so when it rains it won’t be like Niagara Falls on the decks.
Got the new batteries for the camera and they are charging – wonder how long they will last….Putting them to use taking pictures outside the house. This is why we’re known around town as the house with the flowers.
And my flamingo solar lights. We bought them in Ajo at a True Value when we were there on our way home. Couldn’t resist them.
And took a picture of the empanadas.
That plate was heaping full. Put most of them in the freezer for whenever I don’t feel like cooking. We’ve already dug two batches out of the freezer. They go fast.
Boy today this computer just doesn’t know how to spell. Half of what I’ve written has been underlined in red!
Last night I was sitting reading and heard a loud noise out back. Lots of hissing, rustling and squealing. Went out to check – two raccoons were out there having a disagreement. Finally yelled at them to go away. Threatened them that we’d have their tails if they didn’t knock it off. [Not really] They left.
There was a comment about the town named Bean Blossom – we also have a small town named Gnaw Bone. And the street names here are amazing. Clay Lick, Hornettown, Graney Barnes, Greasy Creek just to mention a few.
Best get busy as I want to watch the Cup practice this afternoon. It took me three tries to spell CUP right – time to quit!

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  1. Those names are just too hilarious! Would love to try one of those empanadas, look delicious. Your house is really nice with all those flowers and landscaping.