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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life in Brown County

May 1st already.

I was remembering (do a lot of that as you get older) that when I was a newly married woman/girl I had a girlfriend who made up spring baskets and left them at the doors of her friends every May 1st. They we always so pretty. Funny the things you remember. We still keep in touch but unfortunately only at Christmas. Although we did stop by and see her and her husband of – has to be over 50 years – a couple of years ago when we were in Arizona. They had four kids and we had five so we did a lot of things together – going to parks, beach, scouts etc. She and I took cake decorating classes until – we had to bake a cake every week and take it to class to decorate it. It got so our families and friends hated the sight, smell and taste of cake and frosting. And then we took “stretch and sew” classes. Lots of t-shirts, dresses and I even made Bill a three piece suit – that he actually wore.
Life in Brown County! After several weeks of phone calls, phone tag, miscommunications etc. we are anxiously waiting for a few things to get done this week. Today “Junior” is supposed to come with a load of gray rock for the driveway AND some river rock and boulders for the front planters. Getting rid of the remaining barely hanging in there rose bushes. We’ll put plants in pots for color from now on. Then we have to finish the brick borders around them. That was supposed to have been done a couple of weeks ago.
Tomorrow an electrician should be here at 8:30 to put up the fluorescent lights downstairs. [Took several phone calls to find someone who was willing to come way out here for a small job.]
And Thursday the guy is supposed to come to clean the gutters. Have been talking to him for over a month – or rather to his answering machine. When he’s the only guy in town……
And of course it is supposed to rain most of the week. Rain and 80 degree weather – nice combination. This morning the fog is heavy – Could barely see across the street when I got up. And that reminds me – I still need to get those dam lights outside fixed so they go on and off themselves! When I finally get them working it will call for a celebratory glass of Chocolate Wine – a big one!
I have to share a laugh. We had company for dinner last week and were showing them the Wood Spirits that Bill is working on – especially the first one he made with the fur hat. One of our friends asked where we got the fur. The devil in popped out of my mouth. “Well going to Columbus the other day we saw a raccoon lying dead by the road. Bill stopped and we picked him up. He wasn’t mangled so……Looks good doesn’t it?” Talk about priceless – a few mouths were hanging open and could almost see the mind trying to figure out what to say. Had to tell them we bought it at Hobby Lobby and it wasn’t real. Or we might not get visitors again. Hummm? Was that raccoon in the paella?
Going downstairs now to work on stained glass. I want four new sun catchers for summer.
Will the rock get here today or not? Will we have light tomorrow? Will the rain water stop pouring over the gutters on to the decking?
A regular soap opera we live.

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy day coming up provided the weather cooperates. I think most of your days are busy though. Can't wait to see the sun catchers.