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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilt Show and Some of the Flowers around Here

Again several days have passed since I’ve been here. And lots has been going on – don’t know where to start. So first the weather. It has gone from high 90s with lots of humidity on Sunday to maybe it will make low 70s today. By Sunday it might get as low as high 40s! Had a little rain one day and are expecting quite a storm to roll in later today. Hope it waits until tonight as this afternoon we have to take Willie, the Jeep, in to get a new muffler. His sound has gone from throaty to obnoxious roar.

Took some pictures of some of the wild flowers that are blooming all around in the woods. They have such pretty colors. Yellows, whites, pinks and the Orange lilies. All are growing wild.

These grow wild all over - so pretty.
We took the convertible into town the other day. Sure is strange riding in it – sit so much closer to the ground then in the Jeep. And with the top down the experience is so different. All the smells of the flowers and new cut grass. Even the smells of the horses and big fat black cows. Such a peaceful setting. In the planted fields the corn is almost two feet high already. The farmers are really looking forward to the coming rain as this area is way behind on rainfall this spring.
Just wanted to share this. It a picture of the side of the house, the main floor – the ivy has a story to it. We’ve met a women here who grew up in this house, in fact her parents built it. She told us about the ivy. On a trip to the east coast her aunt visited Mount Vernon – George Washington’s house. While there she snipped off a piece of the ivy growing around the place and slipped it in her purse. When they got back here she stuck it in the ground. It has been growing like crazy ever since. At one time it completely covered the stones on this wall but was cut back to sell the house. But here it comes again.
Yesterday I took my quilt over to the Historical Center and it is now officially entered in this years quilt show.
Sign out front of show
My quilt
The show is June 1, 2 and 3. Can’t wait to go over there and see it hanging amongst all the beautiful quilts that will be there. The ladies that run the show are so friendly – every Wednesday morning they have a get together at the Historical Society where people quilt, weave and just visit. Sounds interesting and it would get me out and driving again.
AND believe it or not we’ve opened a booth in an Antique/Handicraft Mall……EGAD a job. Actually it isn’t really. After the booth is set up with our stuff – the people there do all the selling and collecting money etc. Be interesting to see if it sells. It opens tomorrow – So have to go over there early and get it set up. Today we’ll be making tags for everything.
I’ve almost finished one of the quilts I’m making. Just have to do the machine embroidery on it. And add the label. Took me awhile to figure out how to set up the machine for the embroidery – it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done any. First the laptop wouldn’t recognize the program and wanted the installation disk. Had to find that! Ended up tearing my whole “craft” cubby –a closet under the stairs – apart. It wasn’t in there. But I did find a lot of things I forgot I had. Then remembered the books and disks were in the big antique trunk I keep in my sewing area. And of course by then I’d remembered how to access the program and it was working fine – didn’t need the disk!
Was reading about a vaccine for Shingles – 1 out of every 3 older people get shingles! WOW – Think I’ll call the docs office and inquire about it. No sense getting something you can prevent.


  1. You are always so busy. Hope your quilt does well in the show, and your booth becomes a success. Maybe Bill will get well known for his leather art!

  2. You guys are so amazing and so very talented. Hope the booth goes well.

  3. I also grew up in that house. The lady you mentioned is my sister, Cindy. We had that ivy in our flowerbeds in Indianapolis. When Mom and Dad built the house in Brown County, they brought it with them.