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Friday, October 30, 2015

Going into Henderson to shop we pass the old Roadhouse Casino. It’s been on Boulder Highway ever since I can remember - going back to the 50s. It is empty now. And soon will start to fall apart unless someone buys and restores it. It will be a shame if someone doesn’t. I love the sign -

And the building itself - I think it is Art Deco with its glass blocks and curved architecture. I looked it up on line and the Station Casino company wanted to restore it several years ago but the city of Henderson said the only way they could reopen it was to build a 200 room hotel to go along with the casino. The plans got dropped - so there it sits…slowly falling apart.
It rained - well dripped - here last night and the temps have dropped into the low 70s. Going to have a much lower electric bill this month. Finally.
The cleaning ladies came again on Tuesday, boy am I getting spoiled. They do such a good job. My biggest effort is staying out of their way.
I bought a couple of baby things to embroider using my sewing machine. But it took me an hour to get into embroidery designs that are on my computer. Couldn’t remember how to do that. Finally figured it out. But now I have to get the designs from the computer onto the card that goes into the machine and remember how to set up the machine. Should keep me occupied for a while.
Today we are going out to lunch with a couple from Canada that we met in Mazatlan. Be nice to see them again.
Started this yesterday and never finished it - oh well…
We met our friends and went out with them. Very enjoyable time. Good visiting and good food. Wish our time with them could have lasted longer.
Not long after we got home we had a bad rain storm. It only lasted a few minutes and the sun never quit shining but it was a doozy. One minute it was calm and dry - the next the wind and rain were coming in the open door. Knocked the chairs over on the patio and blew everything in the house around. The rugs, the place mats off the table and lots of dead pine needles from outside. Just poured for a few minutes. Then it was over. Weird.
Baked some banana bread today - pretty good and oven worked okay. Going to fix BBQ chicken, corn on cob, Bushes beans and biscuits for dinner tonight. I seem to be in a cooking mood.

We have made doctors appointments with a new to us doctor here in Vegas. A family doctor. Hope we like him. His reviews sound very good. But right now we just need someone who can renew our prescriptions for us. Their new patient paper work is 13 pages long! Mostly just PYA pages that need to be signed! 

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