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Monday, May 24, 2010

Alfie is Home!

Monday eve –

I WILL NEVER EVER complain about the rain again – well until next time. Since it stopped raining a couple of days ago it has been in the very high 80s (89) and with the humidity of a shower. Just walking from room to room makes you drip.
Still cools down some in the evening though. Last night we sat out on the bedroom deck and enjoyed quiet music in the background and the sounds of the birds in the trees.

It was still light at 9:10.

Very pleasant - we need to do it more often.
Today we went to pick the Alfa up – finally. On the way to breakfast Bill mentioned that he’d like to go and see the new Jeep Liberty with the Hemi. Well guess that upset Willie cause when we came out after breakfast he refused to start. Had to call AAA for a jump start. Somehow (????) the front spot lights got turned and left on and that doesn’t take long to drain the battery. So he’s been told that he is loved and we aren’t going to get rid of him. In fact we won't even talk about looking at the one with a Hemi.
Then up to the RV place – and there was Alfie out front waiting for us. Long time no see. The satellite dish has been taken off Jennie and put on Alfie – no idea if it works or not. Guess we’ll have to check it out tomorrow. All they did was transfer it for us so don’t imagine it works.

He is very happy with his repaved parking place. And no big tree limbs overhead. I wondered how Bill would feel driving him after driving Jennie. He says he forgot how great it drives.
Just had to include this - you can almost smell it - one of our beautiful roses this year.

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