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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Trip to Town - Exciting Living

Wednesday a.m.

Yesterday was an ugly day – drizzly, gray and cold all day. I don’t mind a heavy rain with thunder and lightening as they usually move out pretty fast but that crap yesterday- ish.
So instead of just hanging around her we went into Columbus (25 miles east of us) and visited all the usual places – breakfast at Bob Evans, then to Sam’s Club for gas (do you believe the price of gas again?) What’s up? The price of a barrel is going down, not up. Then to Menards – Bill got some more bushes – to make a hedge around part of the front lawn. Also got some “earth friendly” insecticide for the roses – already the bugs are eating them up. Also if it ever dries up we have to spray everything with the “Deer Off” so the darlings don’t eat all our plants. The joys of country living.
From there on to Hobby Lobby where I got some lead so when I get inspired and start on some stained glass I’ll have it. It too is getting more and more expensive. When we went to the craft fair downtown a couple of weeks ago I saw a lot of stained glass sun catchers about 7” x 7” selling for $25 – 35. Maybe I should go in the business. Nope don’t think so. Don’t want a “job” Then to Joann’s where I was looking for the material I want for the quilt – found it but only a small piece – not enough – so they called the store in Bloomington (25 miles west of us) and they say they have it. Another day another trip to town.
Then of course to Wal*Mart – groceries (but forgot to bring my list so didn’t get everything) Bought John Sanford’s new book – pretty good – finished it last night before going to bed. So that was our entertainment for yesterday.
This morning it still is dreary and cool out, but supposed to clear up later. The baby birds in the garage are doing fine – getting louder every day. Wonder how long it is before they can fly?

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