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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby its cold outside!

Saturday a.m.
Wow – yesterday it was 80 degrees and beautiful then last evening a storm passed through and today it is only 45 out. With a frost warning for tonight! In May?? What’s with that?
Found a little bird in the kitchen yesterday. Scared the heck out of me as it flew past my face. Poor little thing kept flying into the screen and falling to the floor. Finally I got the screen open and away it went. Hope he/she is okay. A couple of them have built a nest in one of the bird houses on the back deck. Hope the raccoon leaves it alone. The first one they built there got all torn up one night.
We’ve even seen a couple of hummingbirds already. Did I ever mention that since the house was painted the big red-headed woodpeckers have left it alone. Guess they don’t like the paint or the paint keeps the bugs they were after out. Thank goodness – they had made some really big holes in the siding.
Didn’t go looking for mushrooms, every time it gets almost dry enough to go down the hill it rains again. I think the season is almost over already. Oh well, next year.
Never thought I’d say this but even I got tired of watching NASCAR yesterday: practice, practice, qualifying Nationwide, qualifying Cup then the Nationwide race. Some of the “double duty” (the ones who drive in both the Nationwide and Cup races) drivers put in a really long day. My favorite driver, Kyle, came in 2nd. But tonight he starts 39th in the Cup race. Not good.

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