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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Thursday around noon
Can’t believe its only noon. I’ve been working on my quilt all morning (got a lot done) and thought for sure most of the day was gone. I have the main top of the quilt put together, still needs the batting and backing and then needs to be quilted. I’ve figured out how to finish the sides – it will end up being more of a bedspread than a top quilt, it will reach to the floor. Went to Bloomington to JoAnn’s to get the material yesterday. Needed four yards and they had 4 ¼……The tops of the pillow shams are done – quilted and everything. Still have to put on the cording and the back piece. This is turning out to be quite a project.

Then I’ll have to do something with the drapes as they match the old bedspread….someday! maybe!
Also went out and deadheaded the roses and sprayed them for bugs. They are blooming nice this year. Believe it or not it is NOT raining today – but is cloudy and overcast.
The turkeys were out in the back yard this a.m. When they saw me moving around through the windows they took off. Guess they have good eyesight.

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