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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day in the Country

Mother’s Day around noon.
Got up shivering this morning – got down to 37 out – what’s up Mr. Weatherman? Sun is shining brightly but not warming up much.
Went into Columbus for breakfast this a.m. Us and everyone else in town it seemed like. Place was packed.
On the way home we parked in Nashville for a bit and walked around looking at some of the booths for the Spring Arts Festival. Some pretty and interesting things. One thing I saw and liked and should be fun to do was a photograph [8 x 10] surrounded by a six inch stained glass frame. Might try that soon. Otherwise just usual stuff you find at a doing like that. Maybe next year I'll get a booth and try to get rid of some of the stuff I've got around here.
Think I mentioned the napkins and napkin holders I finished last week – thought I’d add a picture of them. Machine embroidery and beads.

Also took some of the outside yards. North side yard where pond is. Looking East
From pond looking West
Same thing - different view

Pretty flowers and lots of green.

Going to fix a spiral cut and glazed ham for dinner tonight – and baked sweet potatoes – just sounded good. And it’s a good day to have the oven on.
I'll continue to update this as often as there is something to ponder upon but will not continue to send out emails about the updates - so check back off and on to keep up with our slow life here in Brown County.

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