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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rain, mushrooms, flowers and leaks

Thursday a.m. – more thunder storms last night. I kind of like the rain in the evening, makes everything smell so good. Today is supposed to be really nice – in the mid 70s. Then more rain tomorrow and cooler for a few days. A week or so ago we had one storm that lasted for about three hours – during the entire time there wasn’t one second without the sound of thunder. It was amazing.
Since we’ve been home we’ve had a few trees cut down. A couple over by the Alfa parking pad (too many limbs dropping off them.) A couple behind the carport where the convertible is parked – makes it easier to get in and out with the car. And some from the back yard – the real back yard off the back deck. So now [someday] we’ll have to do some landscaping there……
Before the clearing

After cutting

A couple of our neighbors are taking all the wood to use for heating next winter. The tree cutter found some morel mushrooms back there. So I keep saying I’m going to go down the hill looking for more. So far haven’t done it – by the time I get around to it the season will be over.
We have some beautiful flowers blooming now. Everyday something new pops up. These are Clematis – a vine type thing.

When we got home we discovered that the big bathroom ceiling was leaking AGAIN! Same place as last year. So now the insurance company has decided that the roof wasn’t leaking –after replacing the whole thing- it is the siding on the dormer window that is causing the leak! So four or five people have been here checking it out and now we’re waiting for the final decision on fixing it. The new senior apartments they around building just south of town are looking better and better – just kidding- maybe

Thursday later on –
I always knew that Bill was a bit of a clean freak – but vacuuming your vacuum…….hum…..

I’ve been playing around with my sewing machine. Made some machine embroidered napkins and then of course had to make some napkin rings (but should have made them bigger – oh well next time.) And a couple of necklaces - have to use up some of those beads.

Still not used to living in the sticks. This county has been having problems with house taxes. They didn’t issue any bills for several years. Well they are getting caught up in spades. Just got the taxes for 2010 – due by end of month. In January we got the taxes for 2009 paid in January and before that in October we got the taxes for 2008 they were due in November 09. Bam, Bam, Bam……What a screwed up mess.
Saw a guy in his pick up with his snow plow blade down scraping the leaves from the last rain off the road. Guess those blades are good for lots of things.
Got the paper today, as always the Sherriff’s Log was worth reading – were a lot of stray cows and horses about last week. And a lot of flooding of the back roads with trees down. Glad we are up on a hill and don’t have to go anywhere if we don’t want to.

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