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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Walk in the Woods

Saturday already
Bill is out working in his tool shop (garage) rebuilding a little wooden wagon we have for the yard. The poor thing was falling apart – the wagon not Bill. He says it will be better than new when he finishes. Probably will.
Well after going to the market yesterday and seeing Morel Mushrooms for $39.99 a pound – yes you read that right it is not a type – I put on my boots and long sleeves and a cap (copperheads, ticks and poison ivy) and headed down the hill in search.

This is the only fungus I found – pretty but not tasty. Guess I just don’t know where to look.

From just a little ways down back – looking up at the house

Went down the north side through the old logging road

And just wandered around – nothing…..Its amazing how quick you can be in the middle of the forest and not be able to see the house. But I always know what direction to go to get home – UP! Decided I really need to get more exercise.
We are again having a few days of dry weather with nice temperatures. Only a couple of nights ago the county was under a tornado watch for a couple of hours. Up here on the hill we just had a few sprinkles of rain but could hear the thunder from around us. A couple of our friends that live in the “lowlands” were saying they have to replant most of their corn crop as it got washed out. I’d hate to be a farmer and have to depend on Mother Nature for my livelihood. She can be a B***h!
UP here every day the grass looks prettier and greener

and more and more flowers are blooming. Especially the roses that made it through the winter.

Haven’t mentioned Jennie in a while. She is at the RV place getting her awning fixed. Found out in Mexico that it would open but not close so didn’t have the advantage of its shade while there. Also got the satellite dish moved from Jennie back to Alfie (who also is still at the RV place) Nope haven’t been able to get a hold of the installer since we’ve been back. So don’t know if it works now that it’s been moved and reconnected or not. Grrrrrrr. We’ll pick up one or both of them next week if it isn’t pouring.

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