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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Turkeys and deer

Thursday a.m.
Well guess I’m not doing so good with my posting – time flies. Right now I’m sitting here at the computer printing out some small stained glass patterns that I want to do. Some for the 4th of July that I can hang in the front door. So while that doing..
Have had a lot of rain, in fact some flooding down off the hill. Especially in the fields where the farmers new crops are just coming up. Luckily we didn’t get any hard frost so all the flowers and trees here are doing just great.
Took some pictures of a couple of our visitors yesterday. The Tom turkeys with their neck ties. They sure look fat and shinny this year.

Also we are a regular stop for this pretty little deer.

Bill put out a new motion light yesterday and last night when a raccoon walked by it and set it off it scared the animal half to death. He jumped three feet into the air and landed running. Now if he would just stop getting into the bird feeders.
Today it is supposed to get up in the 80s and it is very humid out – not looking forward to that. Will be like a steam bath.

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