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Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Birds living with us

Monday a.m.

Miracle of all miracles we heard from the satellite installer over the weekend!!!! BUT – he “SAYS” he will be back in town in two weeks and will contact us then….Yah – we’ve heard that before. Time will tell.
Yesterday was cold, cloudy and raining off and on all day. What happened to our beautiful spring weather – oh yah that’s right we live in Indiana. So any way it was a good day to cook. Made pineapple upside down cake – actually two of them (one box) – and one is gone already. Also used up the left over ham from Mother’s Day and made Ham and Lentils. Yummy. We had company for dinner too. So we don’t have too much left over.
We all watched the NASCAR race in the afternoon and Kyle WON – yippee. He also won the Saturday Nationwide race and led 179 of the 200 laps in the Truck race Friday night – until he RAN OUT OF GAS!! Didn’t he hear me yelling at him that he needed gas? Geeze. Guess he is getting his Mojo Back.
We have guests at the house. A couple of tiny birds built their nest in the garage and now they have babies. So we have to make sure to only close the garage when necessary – just before going to bed at night and to open it as soon as we get up in the morning. We’ve watched them bringing food into it and can hear the excited peeping when mom shows up. See it in the corner above the door

A little closer look
I know its blurred but you can see the opening to the nest - so neat.

Still Monday early afternoon

It is so ugly out today - been drizzling all day and cold and damp. Been doing the Monday chore of laundry so have been staying downstairs. Decided to sew for a while. I drug out the quilt I'd started last summer for our bedroom - forgot I had the whole top made. Wow. So today I've been working on the pillow shams. I have the tops done and have started to quilt them. Forgot how fun it was to see something come into being. Need to go buy more padding before I can quilt the bed top. And the material I bought in Mexico that I was so sure matched what I was using is not even the same color let alone the same design - sigh! So will try to get more at JoAnn's or will have to make a change in how I was going to finish the top.

Bill is laying down - he was pulling around sacks of cement the other day and his back is hurting again. Sure hope it's just muscle pulls not anything serious again.

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