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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bill's Boo Boo

Wednesday a.m. 7:30 in fact
Yesterday was an interesting day – still hot but with a tiny breeze and a few percentage points less humidity.
Bright and early we went over to pick up Jennie – so she is now home too. An update on the satellite on Alfie – it doesn’t go up. They changed the dish from Jennie to Alfie but did not connect it – duh – for some reason we didn’t think it was necessary to tell them to connect it too – just assumed they would – there’s that word!
Also changed our home TV provider from Dish to Direct – I actually prefer Dish but with Direct on the RV (hard to get Dish on the RV as it uses two satellites) thought it would make more sense to have it at home too. One bill vs. two bills. So they are supposed to come tomorrow and of course it is probably going to rain tomorrow.
Yesterday was “let’s get Bill day.” He has many dangerous tools in the garage with which to do himself harm so what does he do……while fixing a salad he tries to slice off his thumb. Lots of blood and big bandage. And before that – mister “don’t work outside with out gloves” was pulling weeds [without gloves] and got bit by a spider! So his hand is all red and swollen – the only good thing is it’s the same hand.
I’m doing a little house cleaning in anticipation of having guests next weekend. We’ll actually have someone stay in our guest room! Really looking forward to it.
The baby birds that were in the garage have grown up and flown the coop so to speak. And the raccoon or squirrels keep getting into my hummingbird feeders on the back porch. They just manage to dump it all out leaving a red sticky mess on the floor. SLAP!

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