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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lots of ham and calls from the kids

Sunday afternoon –
Bill brought me in the first rose to bloom from our garden this season. A beautiful two colored pink one. As I held it to my nose to take a sniff of it marvelous fragrance ----a spider jumped off it. Landed on my chin and ran down my sweater – both of us were batting at it but think it got away. Ah well the thought was sweet.
We had our ham and sweet potato dinner – yum. Only problem is we now have enough ham left (and I bought the smallest one they had) to last for a week.
Mainly just watched “chick flicks” on the TV last night. It got down into the 30s again, never warmed up past 50 all day.

Monday a.m.
Well I meant to post that yesterday but was too lazy to climb the stairs to the computer after dinner.
Heard from all our kids yesterday – nice to know what they are up to. We just don’t keep in touch enough anymore. Tried talking them into coming here to Indiana for a visit but don’t think I got too far.
Today it is supposed to start warming up some but it is also supposed to start raining this afternoon --- for the next five days!

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