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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back home in Indiana

Wed – 9 a.m.
Well we are home again after spending the winter in Mexico. Spring has arrived in all its glory here in Brown County.
We’ve been home a little over a month already. When we got here all the trees were still leafless and barren. The view from the deck over the valley was depressing.
Little by little they got their leaves

But that didn’t last long. Due to the unseasonably warm weather (this April will go in the books as the warmest in recorded history) with several over 80 degree days the trees budded quickly.
We have zillions of little fishies - guess they were busy under the ice this winter.
The redbuds were magnificent this year. Just a couple of our trees in bloom.

The daffodils have come and gone to be replaced by all kinds of wild flowers.

The little town is swarming with tourists already. One of the reasons is the magnificent wisteria tree – I’m surprised the weight of the flowers doesn’t pull it off the building.
And I was glad to see one of the old buildings we pass going into town made it through another winter.
Every year more and more pieces of it rot away.
We haven’t picked the Alfa up yet – it’s still in storage but we have put more rock on it parking pad. Good thing we did. When the truck came to dump the rock it sank up to its hub in the wet ground.
Had to use the backhoe to pull it out. Now they’ve used something refereed to as “53” – it’s a combination of smaller rocks and some compound that after wetting gets as hard as cement.
Have had to buy new bird feeders as the raccoons got into the old ones and broke them and made a mess. Here one of them is visiting us at dusk. Out on the back deck.
And down in the back yard.

I’ve been in a moody blue funk since we’ve been home this year – It’s our son John’s birthday in a few days and it is still hard to get past it. But I’ve decided that it is time to put my big girl panties on and get busy doing things. Also have a non threatening medical problem that will have to be fixed - same thing it took five surgeries to fix four years ago. That I am angry about.
Figured if I’d get one post done the rest will come easier and quicker.

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