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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another day gone by.

Oops - another day has slipped by without me posting. And almost didn't post now 'cause Blogger is insisting I change to Google Chrome - don't want to.
I've been working with the stained glass a lot the last couple of days. When I get started time just passes and before I know it it is evening.
Also sewing the blocks and strips on my quilts.  Now I have to pick out the border and backing materials for them. That's the hard part.
Today it got warmer out but had lots of rain. Good for the lawn.
Tomorrow we are supposed to get some landscaping help in the front. Not sure how it will look. Will have to take before and after pics.
Of course watched the NASCAR race Saturday night. Really enjoyed it. Go #18 - and his brother and his car won Friday night. Good weekend for KBM.
Another month gone already. Don't forget to back up your computer files if it isn't done automatically. Have learned about that the hard way.
Still haven't got the lights to come on when they are supposed to - try again tomorrow I guess. And thinking about making empanadas tomorrow -
That's it for now......

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